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Mail Presents to: Satine Phoenix, 16350 Ventura Blvd., Ste D #196, Encino, Ca 91436

Let's get to know each other a little Better interview about I Hit It With My Axe

The AWESOME webseries about D&D I was in called I Hit It With My Axe

Satine on Neal Gaiman's Icebucket Challenge 

Monster Maidens (where Satine draws female monsters)

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Interview by

Article on about the Doctor Who Gallery at Meltdown talks Satine & NewPraetorians

Satine wanders San Diego Comic-con interviewing people for Asylum for their segment: Girls who love Geek stuff

Samee Tatu talks about & shows the year process of her tattooing Snakebite's design on Satine's back on AFROPUNK. <3 #Teamwork

Listen to Satine talk Doctor Who on G2V's Who's Talking Podcast 

That one time Satine animated a music video by herself for Bryan King.

Talking Nerdy on Nerd Alert

Playing in Union Square, San Francisco for the band MARROW

Women of Geekdom Calendar Teaser Video

Satine as an elf on the Player Piano's "The Goblin Kitchen"

Satine on Wil Wheaton's TableTop with Jenna Busch & Richard Garriott

Satine as a Villain on Pen & Paper & Laser Guns Web Series