That caught your attention, didn't it!

Have you ever given a Vegan a blowjob and noticed that his cum is much sweeter?   There's a reason for it.   It's the very same reason that going down on a chick that smokes is usually not so nice.

Vegans taste better.  It's just a plain fact.   Why?  Vegans don't have the toxins in their fluids and skin, that you carnivores do.


In this article, we're going to explore a bit about Vegans & Sex....  Follow the bouncing ball-gag.


Physicians agree that eating meat clogs up the arteries that go to all organs, not just the heart, which means that eating meat causes impotence. Because pure vegetarians are about one-ninth as likely as meat-eaters to be overweight and report that they need less sleep and have more energy than meat-eaters, you will become more appealing in the bedroom.

But there's even more good news: Many healthy vegan foods are loaded with natural aphrodisiacs--nutrients and chemicals that boost your and your partner's sexual arousal and performance. Research has shown that vegetarians enjoy greater amounts of the nutrients that help boost sexual health and performance--such as vitamins A, C, and E and potassium--than meat-eaters do.


Say goodbye to your pharmacist for the time being and reexamine the links between food and sex right there at your local grocery store.


Old school aphrodisiacs were often chosen as such due to their shape or resemblance to certain body parts, as well as for the chemical reactions that take place in the body when eaten. Today, research shows that certain aphrodisiac foods do contain vitamins and minerals that can help to enhance your overall sexual vitality. As a vegetarian or vegan, getting enough of these nutrients can ensure that your evenings will be filled with excitement and pleasure. There is a plethora of healthy, sexy and vegetarian food for you to choose from to get your groove on tonight.


Zinc: Zinc is vital for testosterone production, which affects sexual desire, vigor and stamina in both men and women. Zinc deficiencies in men can cause sexual performance problems

Food Choices: tempeh, adzuki beans, chick peas, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, pine nuts

Omega 3’s: Omega’s help reduce inflammation in the body, are anti-aging, and a necessity for good heart and brain health. Omegas have also shown to enhance overall moods, irritability and hormone balance helping to put you in the right mood.

Food Choices: flax seeds, flax oil, walnuts, tofu, hemp seeds, beans, olive oil

B vitamins: B vitamins help to regulate the sex organs, which directly correlate with the amount of sex hormone that is released in the body. Vitamin B deficiencies can lead to lethargy and fatigue, which usually means more sleep and rest is needed, not sex. B’s also play a large role in brain function and cognition.

Food Choices: beans, lentils, bananas, Nutritional Yeast for B12

Kidney Enhancing Foods: In Chinese medicine, the kidneys store your “jing”, meaning your source of life; your jing affects everything from your energy levels to immunity and your sexual vitality. Abusing your kidneys with excess stimulants like caffeine, tobacco and alcohol can lessen you jing and lower your sexual desire. By improving your diet and lifestyle you can enhance your jing and in return, enhance your sex life.

Food Choices: beans, peas, lentils, whole grains like spelt, quinoa and oats, root veggies like carrots, yams and parsnips

Blood Purifying Foods: Stagnation of the blood from excessive fatty and processed foods can effect blood circulation to key sex organs. Cleansing the blood of impurities can help to enhance circulation.

Food Choices: garlic, dark leafy greens like kale, spinach and collard greens, burdock root, onions, leeks, beets and sea vegetables

Blood Flow Enhancing Foods: Sexual arousal includes an increased heartbeat, which sends blood flow to the sex organs. Increased blood flow to these organs allows for “normal” sexual performance. Poor circulation can affect sexual function in both men and women.

Food Choices: ginger, chili peppers, spices like curry, mustard seed and wasabi, ginko nuts, oatmeal, root veggies

The healthier your weight, the better your cholesterol levels and heart health, the better you will feel overall. When you feel well physically, feel energized, and also feel confident in your body, your sexual health can sky rocket. Be sure to include daily exercise in your recipe for good sex to enhance blood flow and circulation as well as enhance your overall sense of confidence and well-being.


Then there is this from the Vegan Society:

Forget the sex therapist - visit the greengrocer!


The Food of Love


After extensive research into the aphrodisiac qualities of vegetarian foods,
The Vegetarian Society can recommend the following.Enjoy!


A classic in the aphrodisiac world. Whether boiled or steamed the asparagus is an effective stimulant. This erotic shaped vegetable is best, cooked and consumed whole. Part of the lily family, asparagus contains plenty of vitamin A and C. Consume over three consecutive days for the most powerful effect.



Associated with passion and fertility, their aroma is alleged to excite women and is therefore a common ingredient in creams and soaps. Almonds are delicious in cakes, biscuits, and pastries.



To the Aztecs this fruit was known as ahucatl, which means 'testicle', but it was left to the Spanish to spread the news of the avocado's stimulating powers. In the confessional Catholic priests forbade it to their parishioners.



As well as an erotic shape the banana has also been associated with erotic energy in the Tantric tradition. Legend has it that the serpent that tempted Eve hid in a bunch of bananas. Bananas are also rich in B vitamins believed to help manufacture sex hormones.



One of the undisputed kings of aphrodisiacs. Chocolate has been used to stoke the flames of passions all over the world. Its powers on the sexual appetite have led to a chocolate ban being imposed in some monasteries. Chocolate contains chemicals thought to effect neurotransmitters in the brain. Legendary bed hopper Casonova was a serious chocolate fanatic and always tucked into some before entering the boudoir.


Chilli (the hot pepper)

Powerful taste followed by a powerful aftermath! The chilli is fiery in more ways than one, watch out, the red ones are even more potent than the green. Chilli power helps stimulate the circulation and contains capsaicin, a substance known to induce a temporary high - be careful not to become addicted. Chilli is also a great source of vitamin C.



The humble celery has been used to treat a number of ailments including high blood pressure and has been found to contain a number of anti-cancer compounds. Its stimulating effects are well known in Sweden where the famous Swedish author Hagdahl described celery as 'straight forward arousing'. Crushed celery seeds are particularly potent and can be used in breads or for salad dressing. The Romans dedicated celery to Pluto their 'god of sex'.



This root vegetable was used extensively by early Middle Eastern royalty to aid seduction. The carrot is said to be particularly effect aphrodisiac for men. Originally from Afghanistan carrots are a great medicine and have been shown to be anti-cancerous, artery protecting and a great source of beta- carotene.



This erotic, fleshy fruit is said to act as a powerful sexual stimulant. Originally from Syria, it is one of the oldest known plants. Ritual copulation followed the arrival of the new fig crop in Ancient Greece and it is said to have been Cleopatra's favourite fruit. For the ancient Greeks the fig was one of the sacred foods associated with fertility and love. In some Southern European countries wedding guests throw figs (instead of rice) at the newly weds, as a sign of fertility.



Believed to have a powerful effect on the sexual glands, a folklore remedy for impotence recommends rubbing the male member with mustard. In the Middle Ages mustard paste was used as a stimulant and smeared over the body. The Bible describes it as 'the greatest amongst herbs'.


Pine Nuts

Many nuts are rich in zinc, a lack of which is said to cause impotence and infertility in men. Pine nuts especially have been used for centuries to make up love potions. The Roman poet Ovid (a vegetarian) in his work 'The Art of Love' selected 'the nuts that the sharp-leafed pine brings forth' as an effective and powerful aphrodisiac. Arabian scholars such as Galen recommended one hundred pine nuts, before going to bed. Nuts have also been found to be an effective brain food, due to a substance called boron that increases electrical activity in the brain.


Raspberry & Strawberries

Both raspberries and strawberries, combined with Champagne are regarded as powerful aphrodisiacs. Both invite love and are described in erotic literature as fruit nipples.

The Vegetarian Society claims it should not be held responsible for the activities resulting from the consumption of these foods.

There's even a Vegan Strip Club!

Casa Diablo Gentlemen’s Club In Portland, where soy protein replaces beef in the tacos and chimichangas; the dancers wear pleather, not leather. Many are vegans or vegetarians themselves.


Vegan Sex Toys?


Is Oral Sex Vegan?

Oral sex is vegan even though it may involve putting flesh in your mouth, as it shouldn't really involve any cruelty or exploitation, and said flesh is taken out again eventually and returned to its rightful owner. If you decide to swallow any bodily liquids, well, once again, no one else has suffered to provide them, so it's up to you... I doubt if anyone has done very much research on the health aspects of this, though.

Become a veganseuxual for just five days and have better sex. That's just one of the many advantages.


OK now, anyone extremely curious about giving a Vegan a Blow Job?  :+)