Top Ramen - Better than you remember

Top Ramen: Delicacy of the College Student.

Not anymore! Top Ramen is making a come back in a very big way in this recession riddled Economy. Jam Packed with 7 grams of Protein and around 25 cents per packet you can eat your way to healthy on the most modest budget. I can't vouch for other cities, but Los Angeles has the most incredible 99 Cent Only stores where nothing is more than $1.00. You can buy fresh fruits and vegetables... really anything you can get in a regular grocery store (if you know which ones to shop at). Most of what they have is just over stock from the local grocers. 

So, using spices most people have in their cupboards and a few cheap veggies lets make a Tasty Soup.

The FIRST first thing you do is open the Ramen Packet and THROW AWAY the spice packet. That's where all the unhealthy garbage of the ramen is. 

THEN I make a pot of water 3/4 full. While I wait for it to boil I add in some:

Balsamic Vinegar, Ginger (powder or fresh), rosemary, Pepper, Cayenne, All Spice... or whatever other spices you favor. I like to put fresh lemon grass in my soup though I can't seem to get it at a 99 Cent store. If i want it a little creamy I slice some tomatoes and add them in. If you like oil, you can add that in.   

Once its been boiling for a few minutes I add in some cubed potatoes, sliced carrots, shredded cabbage, mushrooms.. etcetera. 

Depending on how much time you have you can make a quick 10 minute soup or 1 - 2 hr soup. The ramen only takes 3-6 minutes to cook. If you want extra protein add an egg on top and cover the soup for a min or few minutes. (depending how well cooked you like your poached egg.)

That's the way I make the soup but you can make it with whatever spices you want. Really i'm just trying to explain this is a great way to make food that is much better for you than what you get in the store. Its also pretty fast to make.

This is also a great way to make food for a lot of people.