The Protein Myth & other ways to fend off Ignorant Carnivors (Part Oneness)

This is a two-part article, so knuckle up and hold off until the completion, next week.

Ok, so you decided to become a vegetarian or vegan and all of a sudden, everyone of your friends and associates just stepped up with their god-given right to become an expert on nutrtition.   Fact of the matter is, we all seem to be nutrition experts because of what we learned in grade school.   Yes, Grade School!

I have put in the equivilant hours to earn a couple of PhD's in nutrition (not to mention 22-years as a vegan and zero days missed of school or work due to illness), yet I'm amazed at how many so-called experts attempt to "prove" me wrong.

In America (and if you have young school children, you can confirm this on your own) our nutritional education all comes during our time in Kindergarten and first grade.   Doubt it?   Closely follow what your kids are learning.   In fact, visit school and you will find that the copywrite on the "educational" materials is all from places such as, "American Meetpackers Association", "American Dairy Association", "California Egg Council",  "Swiss(sic)consin Cheese Council" General Mills, Kellog Foundation,  etc.     It's true.   It's been true your entire life.

Brainwashing?   Or simply successful cultivated lobby efforts, funded by big business.

OK, so it's worse.   Only 25 of the top 130 Medical Schools in the world require even one credit hour on nutrition.   In other words, when it comes to nutrition, your doctor is a dope!    I don't demean the medical professionals - they mean well.  They are just ill-equipped when it comes to proper education.   It's the medical profession that should go fuck itself. 

They, along with Big Pharma, does not want American's healthy.   They want us buying billions of dollars worth of pills to keep us dependant on drugs.   Thank god my grandmother once taught me, "There is nothing outside the human body that can heal it."  More importantly, I was smart enough to listen.

Ok, before you get your panties in a bunch and say, "Well, my _(relative)_ had _(disease d'jour)_ and now because of _(XYZ)_ Drug company, they are healthy.    Bullshit.   The drugs simply mask the illness and they don't treat the illness, just address the system.   If you looked around you a bit, there are natural remedies for every single illness, that are thousands of years old.   All comes down to diet.

For a good overall education that goes against the grain, I recommend movies such as Food Inc, Diet for a New America, Supersize It and Food Matters.   In fact, before any of you self-proclaimed Einsteins decide to post a comment to the contrary above, you are REQUIRED to watch each and every one of the movies.   All others, are encouraged to go about your day.

Next week, I'll provide some fun FACTS to help with the sillyness that Vegans & Vegetarians often get, such as "What about your protein?" and "What do you do for your Calcium and Iron?"   After all, it's often best to help educate people even if they refuse to hear it, rather than punching them in the face.  Until, then, play nice.