The Introduction of Vegan Boy & his Episodes

Since this is my very first entry, I've decided to take it easy on you all.  Let's start slowly.  Besides, with this issue, I want to start with something even our carnivore friends can enjoy.   Afterall, I'm not militant vegan, I'm one whose here to help everyone as much as I can.  Hopefully, those who thought they could never eat vegan (I once thought that too), can see that it's really not much different.

There are many ways to whip up smoothies and, quite frankly, I've never met anyone that's not raved over mine.
To make a world class smoothie, start with some simple rules.
1. Fuck Ice
2. Fresh Fruit Only
3. Fresh Squeezed Juice Only

Ice in a smoothie?   No f-ing way!    If you need your drink ice cold, put your fruit in the fridge over night...especially that which you'll use as juice.     You body's temperature is 96.8 for a reason.   Putting fluids into your body that are a drastic difference than the 96.8 does nothing other than shock the system.   Ever notice how other cultures don't serve ice water?   Putting ice in a drink started in the states as a marketing gimmick back in the days when Jackie Gleason got his first "ice box".  

Why use something other than fresh seasonal fruit?  Frozen fruit will never taste the same, or as good.  You'll find the same with fresh juice.  Besides, when you use store-bought juice, it's pasturized (due to a non-sensical & fear-based law) which takes quite a bit of the natural vitamins and nutrition out due to the heat used in the process.   Take the extra time if you want perfection.

Ok, for those of you who hat rules, this is where you are beginning to read anyway.   Now that we got the helpful hints above out of the way, please know that each successful smoothie has some basic components:
• Juice
• Thickener
• Fresh Fruit

A juice can be whatever you wish it to be, keep in mind that FRESH is always best.  Don't you enjoy your day when you feel your freshest?   My top preferences are: Orange (I happen to have a tree in the back yard so for a couple months each year, it's the easiest),
Coconut (I prefer the water of a Thai baby coconut ...those big white things you always wondered about in the produce section) or Watermelon (You can put some watermelon in a blender and make juice out of it.)   Those are my three fave because they happen to be easiest for me.

The top thickeners I use are:  Bananas (one or two, suit to taste), Coconut meat (if you're going to use the water, you may as well use the meat) and Avacodos (as strange as it may sound, it works perfectly.  Also, there is no difference in taste of the smoothie and the fruit of an avocado - yes, it's a fruit - is a healthy fat.  Our brains need fat for energy.)   Yogurt is not even considered... remember, this is a Vegan section!

...The benefits to your hair and skin of avocado and coconut are tremendous.  The energetic feeling you will get are also pretty amazing.   Google Benefits of __________, for more info.

Seasonal fruit is always the tastiest.  Organic the tastiest and the healthiest. (Yes, it may be more expensive at the store, but you'll pay less at the doctors office.  Your health should be more important.  In the 60s, we spent 60% on groceries, 9% on healthcare.  Now, we pay 9% on groceries and 60% on fast-food & healthcare.

Last step:  Put all the shit in a blender.

The amount of fruit & juice varies per person.  Personally, if I'm going to take the time, I like to make more than one drink.  For me as a single guy, I typically will put in a cup of juice, two bananas, and a couple of pieces of fruit along with a handful of berries.   This makes a couple nice thick drinks.  I pound one and sip the other.

Next Issue:  I'll probably confess how a boy brought up in Rural America, eating 5 lb's of red meat per week and a couple gallons of milk by myself, ended up converting, how easy/tough it was, and the resources I utilized to make the switch.

Good Health to you!