A couple of fun thoughts

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Fake Glasses are the new Fake Boobs?!?! Check it out on Jen Friel's webpage: http://talknerdytomelover.com. Jen is the nerd girl next door. She's cute, nerdy and has TONS to talk about. Go check her out!

Jen Friel the cutiest cutie pie!


Public restrooms. 

They TOTALLY freak me out! Never sit ever... WHY? Once I was at the airport and I realized how many people actually use the restroom between the time it's cleaned and the time I get there. So, here was the situation: I needed toilet paper. No toilet paper. I reached back to get one of those silly toilet paper covers and there were none. What was there was a number. 250 pieces of toilet cover. That's at LEAST 250 dirty booties and virginias squishing their personal fluids upon the seats. Luckily I learned when traveling to Japan that not all people sit on seats to do their.. uh.. dooty. So my message to you all: Learn to squat. 


Dear Stalkers...

Please stop stalking my girlfriends & myself. Its just Rude. 



I've received an abundance of letters from friends regarding unfaithful partners. Its like a fraking epidemic! 

There are some simple truths about being in a relationship:

If you don't talk to your partner you'll not understand them or their decisions on things. Always asking them Why they do this or Why they do that or WHY can't they do things right. When you have to look into yourself and realize that only YOU think that your opinion is the right opinion. If your dating someone who doesn't do the dishes, your yelling at them to do it won't make it better. Instead find something else for them to do that they do like/or don't mind doing. The time you spend arguing with your partner could have been time spent doing the thing you are yelling at them about (honestly it only takes a few minutes). The extra time you now have that you used to fill with arguing can be spent showing each other how much you love one another.

I mean you're not forced to be in a relationship. You have a choice. You always have a choice. Its better you be true to the person you love than be devious. That negative energy is like poison. Best to be honest with the way you live. You'll get more out of life. 


The End.

Satine Phoenix