Marvel Museum

I was distracted yesterday but this is what I was going to post. Our home sweet home.

Joe is a HUGE fan of Marvel Comics and as we just moved in to this place we don't have everything up. We have enough art to cover the walls and that's not even including my paintings. I had to leave my 7ft paintings back at the loft I was living in. A loft is a loft is a loft. The fun thing about moving in together is putting our stuff together. His display of Marvel figurines mixed with my collection of DR. Who, bender and random sculptures & Nun chucks turned out pretty ok. One of the cool things about his collection is that he has some cool comics framed. I never thought of that. What a GREAT idea! So up our staircase to our house are various issues of Spider Man. Maybe Mark Millar will be at Comic con next year and we can get him to sign all of our Kick-Ass comics and we can line the other side of the wall with that. Oh I love decorating. 

And just as cool as that, we have joined forces in video game consoles. I used to have all of them but through time and moving things have fallen through my fingertips. All I have to offer is my Atari 2600, my original NES system and a Wii. Mix that with his Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and 60 inch tv... who needs to leave the house. Especially when your couch is a queen size mattress covered in pillows and fur. It doesn't get more cozy than that. 

And to top it off we bought our dining room table for optimal (and comfortable) Dungeons & Dragons play. That's right I said it. I play D&D. been playing off and on for 15 years. (yea, I'll be 30 next year) And it never stopped being fun to play. I find that you're either into it or not. And that's ok. What I do behind closed doors is my own business. Weather its playing D&D or organizing a Hedonist Party. Who's to judge. :)


My favorite comics is the Sandman Series By my favorite author: Neil Gaiman. ... anything by him really is fantastic. Bloom County by Berke Breathed is my favorite comic strip.

Off to go Play D&D with some of my hot friends.