How to find a Vegan Dinner Date

How to Find a Vegetarian to Date

by my friend, HowHeather


  • Step 1:
    Get online. There are several vegetarian and vegan dating sites out there. You’re also more likely to find a fellow vegetarian to date if you look into online social networking sites for those into yoga, activism, the environment and spirituality.
  • Step 2:
    Become an activist to find vegetarian dates. Chances are your community has at least one vegetarian activist group where people get together to help animals, write letters or affect political change. These same groups often have socials or potlucks.
  • Step 3:
    Hang out in the local vegetarian places. You’ll be surprised how many people of all ages hang out at the local vegetarian eateries. Find one that’s casual with a busy social environment and eat there often. You’ll find the most interesting vegetarians to date if you stay local and avoid the chain restaurants.
  • Step 4:
    Keep an open mind. While you’re a vegan who would prefer to date other vegans exclusively, there’s no reason to ignore the vegetarians out there and vice versa. Isn’t dating someone who is vegetarian still better than dating a meat eater?
  • Step 5:
    Ask your vegetarian friends to fix you up or have a vegetarian-only party.

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