Gamer Food

I Asked my friends on Twitter and Facebook to tell me what they eat while gaming. Video games, computer games or Table top, most of us use this time to eat the fattiest of the sugariest of the most delicious Junk Food we can find. It's ok though. Its Gamer food.

When I play World of Warcraft I like to make a nice cool glass of OJ... and Cherry sky Vodka. While playing D&D with my friends, I bring Sugar Cookies, apples and soup. 

Here are all of the replies to my inquiry with the people who posted them. 



@Scrubclub - Gobstoppers, like an entire box in one large gaming session, haha. They're addictive.

@Midnightsun007 - I love brain food when I game like a ower mix of almonds and rasins

@trina_tr0n chippy things like ruffles! pizza rolls! and for my dnd group we usually have pretzels and we make nachos! -and lots of soda.

@BossHogg37 -  poutine, doritos bold BBQ and fizzy drinks oh dill pickle chips and p&b m&ms

@wrench6 - Don't snack while gaming. Cannot use Turtle Beach headset and play Call of Duty: MW2 while eating/snacking.

@DifficileDame - Tofutti cuties!

@tsujigo - Hotwings, pizza or M&Ms just for starters, with lots of Sierra mist.

@chrishealy - uhhhh, pizza rolls, pringles and some bawls. oh, and apple slices!

@johnnymags - chex mix, pb and choc chip cookies. (w milk of course)

@MyWetSpot - Popcorn & chetos. Or just a good stiff drink.

@Pharaohcious - that's a tuffy because certain geasy foods slick the controller that may throw off my cat like finger reflexes if needed. ha - chinese... grease stays on chopsticks and if its chowmein you can noodle-sip/slurp the rest in if the cut scene ends early. ha

@MyWetSpot - Ohh I forgot about dorritos dipped in a mix of velveta, salsa & black beans. Mmmm :)

@IzzyRock73 - Beer, nuts, salt & pepper potato chips, Dr. Pepper. Something I can grab quick and easy.


Tim - Sausage

Bob - beer & pizza combos

Brandon - mini-pretzels, jalapeno chips, nachos with cheeze dip (but, uh, not all at once) lol

Peach Ball - Swiss Chocolate

Curt - Mike And Ike's!

Erik - During D&D, those cheesy goldfish crackers are surprisingly popular. Fresh baked bread disappears quickly too.

Tristan Crane - The blood of our enemies.

Lincoln - I have never been a "gamer", but I've had room mates that were. They tended to eat a lot of Doritos, Subway, and crappy delivery pizza.

Bob - YES!! PIZZA!!!!

Rico - My Girlfriend's boobs - O and Jaffa cakes

Martin - Mead

Joseph - Doritos! and dry salami - and crappy crappy pizza.

Dean - pistachio honey truffles. but thats for rts so i don't count.

Ian - chicken tikka bites

Jason - I can't eat while i play, its too distracting so i eat my snacks beforehand and have a drink of whatever's best available while I play.

Keith - Bacon salt Popcorn

Andy - Look up Gamer fuel, it's complete garbage in a wrapper sold exclusively to gamers, for gamers. Multi flavored and oh so bad for you...

Kerry - I eat Force factor energy chews, drink Acai Berry juice and Mountain Dew, and occasionally a honey bun while  currently playing Evony

Earl - I like to rip pieces of skin off my thumbs with my teeth... Its not fattening, I'm 'recycling' in a weird way, and the pain is exquisite.

James - Marlboro Light 100's

D. Scot - ... I subsisted on druid cicles, black coffee, and fish sticks.

Marc - lean cuisine. for the zero prep time. it preserves your organs as well - like chemical cryogenics

Keith - i'm gonna loose points here... but I only consume beverages while I'm gaming as I don't want to accidentally make my controllers greasy. I'm a Mt Dew person.

Cheyenne - chex mix

Michael - Gushers... FTW

Melanee - Josh and his friends were eating smoked bbq ribs yesterday, home made. Oh, while playing 1st Edition D&D...

Miu - Popcorn, sweedish fish, and almonds


Pizza in many forms, chips, M&Ms, Soda.... Based on my Extremely scientific research... I conclude that us gamers will either get Diabetes in the next few years depending on how often we play and/or our snacking habits will preserve us and turn us into an Army of Super Nerds and we will be able to play our games for an extra century. But that's just my professional opinion.

Thanks everyone who participated in my survey. It was fun to read all of the replies :D

My next post will be about how to make healthy versions of the above delights. I also want to take the time to thank Mz Berlin for writing the review on Food Inc for us. Thank You Mz Berlin.