Coffee & the Ultimate Aphrodisiac!

This can go in the SEX column too, if you wish....
You're the reader, you decide!

Coffee & the Ultimate Aphrodisiac!
OK, so some people claim Coffee is a food... or a life support.
So why is it listed under SEX instead of the weekly Vegan Boy Food article?

'cuz this'n is differnt!

Imagine the equivilant of two Viagra® in a cup of coffee.
...with two major exceptions!
1) It's 100% Natural
That means... there are no medical concerns that go along w/Viagra
...there are no dangerous side effects.
...instead of being $22 for a legal full dose, it's just $8
...the effects last longer. prescriptions to get it legally. standing in line at the Pharmacy.

2) It works for women!
Yup... Intensifies the orgasm for her, longer harder erection for him... from a cup of good tasting coffee.
They've taken some natural herbs and put them in a good tasting coffee.
The herbs are known for centuries as sexual stimulants and they'll certainly get your animalistic pleasures moving.

The company launched in January and is already doing quite well.   I ran across them twice in successive weeks:
...Last week at AdultCon while I was getting my Porn on, and this week at the Specialty Coffee Association Show, where they won an award for their coffee.

You can order online at their website:

I guarantee you will both be happy!

(Oh, and it's Vegan!)

If you're a retailer, you can contact them via


Just the facts
  Viagra (Blue Pill)      vs:      Magic Power Coffee
  1. Prescription Needed                 1. No Prescription Needed
  2. Works Only On Men                  2. Works On Men & Women
  3. Bad Side Effects                        3. No Bad Side Effects
  4. ? Ingredients                              4. 100% Natural
  5. Cost 22.00 per pill                      5. Retail 8.00 wholesale 2.33
  6. Earning Potential Zero               6. Earning Potential Unlimited
  7. No Reps Needed                       7. Reps Needed In U.S.A., Canada, Germany
  8. Biz Not Available                       8. $70.00 start up includes product

SexCoffeeXXX is also safe for herpes carriers, since it does not contian L-Arginine, as do most products that help intensify a woman's orgasm.  For menapausal women, they no longer need to supliment lubrication after 3 or four uses of SexCoffeeXXX.