I have been working SO HARD... SO VERY HARD on my Graphic Novel "New Praetorians" that i haven't posted anything in a while.

TODAY another project i've been involved with just went live!



Details you say? ... Here ya go!

Temple of Art is an ongoing 2 year art and photography project, a unique conversation between over 50 artists that include original work incorporating multiple modalities and disciplines.  The show currently has a book being published by Baby Tattoo, a  gallery opening at La Luz de Jesus, a prime time panel at Comic Con 2014 and a feature length documentary produced by Allan Amato (commercial photographer, Justified, Wilfred, Necessary Roughnessand executive produced by Jon Schnepp (Director: Metalocalypse, Venture Bros) Amanda Palmer (Dresden Dolls, TED The Art of Asking) and Neil Gaiman (Sandman, Coraline)


Since early 2012 Allan Amato has been photographing fine artists and inviting them to interpret those portraits through their particular medium. An artist's work can act as both bridge and barrier; at once deeply personal and highly distorted; the lens through which they present their perception of the world, and the world that in turn interprets them.

By merging the objectivity of portrait photography with the subjectivity  of drawing, painting, and sculpture, the artist is contextualized within the constructed reality of their own work.

The TEMPLE OF ART show provides an insightful look into the lives of working artists by following the progress of the collaborations from conception to completion, alongside interviews with the artists themselves.   

Rarely are we given an opportunity to confront our perceptions of reality and self; this show illuminates the universal tension between the pursuit of our vision and the demands of a critical world.


The Artists

Dave Mckean (Mirror Mask, Sandman)

Barron Storey (Sandman:Endless Nights, Marat-Sade Journals)

Kent Williams(Kent Williams:Ophthalm, The Fountain)

Jason Shawn Alexander (Abe Sapien, Batman-End Game)

David Mack (Kabuki, Daredevil)

Bill Sienkiewicz (Electra Assassin, The New Mutants)

Grant Morrison (Batman:Arkham Asylum, The Filth, Happy)

Jim Mahfood (Clerks, Tank Girl)

 As well as:

Kozy N Dan, Soey Milk, Christine WuShaun BerkeJunko MizunoStephanie Inagaki, Coop, Dan Quintana, Greg Ruth, Roman DirgeDanni ShinyaKaren Hsiao, Gail Potocki, Matthew Bone, Satine Phoenix, Dave Stoupakis, Vincent CastigliaMarc Scheff, Zak Sabbath Smith, Kellesimone Waits, Ping Zhu, Ken Garduno, Jenna GibsonBrian Thies, John Malloy            Jaw Cooper, Jasmine Worth, Hueman, Rebecca Guay, Scott Fischer, Theresa Fischer, Jensine Eckwall, Rovina Cai, Christiane ShillitoDadushinKyle Stecker, You Jung Byun, Jon BurgermanDongyun LeeJustin VolzDorian Iten, Zelda DevonNicole Maloof, Kurt Huggins

About Allan Amato

Allan Amato’s cosmic camera sees through mortal skin to reveal the lambent ideal self beneath. Where Amato aims his lens, gods and superheroes, angels and demons are conjured; vinyl mythologies are summoned; mere flesh becomes dreamscape and deluxe collage where everything, especially the grotesque, is beautiful.  Alchemist of light and composition, distiller of Platonic gold from leaden flesh, Renaissance futurist and musclebound death machine to boot; Allan Amato is easily my favourite photographer. — Grant Morrison

"Amato creates faces like Donald Westlake creates prose: raw, biting and stark, with a sheen of cool." — Thomas Jane

"Allan Amato is a lot like a wizard: his photos take us places we’ve never been. This is particularly unsettling when you were the one in the photograph." — Neil Gaiman

"Allan’s photos are where science and magic overlap" — David Mack

"I can’t stand to look at myself unless I’ve been photographed by Allan Amato. His dazzling compositions and naked artistry are breathtaking. Plus, he makes me look thin. All right: thinner." — Kevin Smith