6th Annual Bday Extravaganza!!!

Another year.. and another year and another year has passed and I'm still living, breathing, making ALL THE ART! I can't believe how blessed I've been to be making a living as an artist! Not only that... but drawing AWESOME stuff like posters & book covers & RPG character cards... a whole Sci Fi RPG called Machinations of the Space Princess & my Very OWN comic Called New Praetorians. I just finished inking the first issue... of 27.. so HA! Yea. Tall order but I can do it!!

So.. I'll be 33 this year. Crazy right! I don't feel 33. Well.. the other weekend I played on a stripper pole in San Francisco and lets just say things hurt that I didn't think would ever hurt like that. But GENERALLY I feel like.. no age at all. I guess its because i'm so head first into working & my career. I would never have imagined my life right now 10 years ago. I mean, its amazing. I can't believe where this road has taken me. For instance... for my birthday. Sure I love Jewelry & i'd love a playstation, shoes or a trip somewhere. .... but you know what I want more than anything... ... Housecleaning service for like... 6 hours! yea. I just keep fantasizing about cleaning my house. And I mean ... CLEANING my house. Dusting books and organizing. I just don't have time for it anymore. I'm making art for different clients from wake to sleep. So, yea. House cleaner, the strangest fantasy I've ever had. Not even one of those sexy cleaning ladies they have here in LA. I'm talking Hard working women or men who are dedicated to fighting GRIME. THIS is my Birthday Wish. 

... Though I'd never turn down a pair of pearl or diamond earrings... ;)

And I have an Amazon wish list though they took some of my most wanted items off Amazon. Kind of a bummer. I'm a survivalist. I wanted one of those cool Steri-pens. The ones that are solar powered. SO COOL! yea but they don't have them anymore. The other thing they don't have are a proper pair of Kangoo boots. I took a course and they were so fun! and great on the joints.

Well, I completely digressed from the reason I am even posting today. Sunev and I are throwing another birthday party. Details below. Everyone is welcome! This means YOU!.... & some art about it!


MAY 22 2013.


BROADWAY BAR, Downtown Los Angeles

DJ SUNEVil and I, Satine Phoenix, Will be throwing another Big Evil Twin Birthday bash at BROADWAY BAR May 22nd. 9pm-2am

Come out and celebrate with the Celestial Twins of Sin at a very Decadent Gypsy Bday! 

Is your Birthday in MAY? Are you a Taurus or Gemini... or... BOTH? Then its YOUR PARTY TOO!!!! Send us an email and we'll add you to the Bday list!

Live Gypsy Ensemble,
Decadent DJ Sounds 
$5 Old Fashioned
$4 Beers