WOW into the new year

I kind of feel like last week was the practice round into 2013. That THIS is the actual first week of 2013. Which isn't true. But whatever. ;P

I had an amazing time at the Golden Stag party with some amazingly beautiful lovelies. Had a couple of awesome house guests and in this specific new year... Its as if my whole world has changed. So many new possibilities. 

I really enjoyed 2012! I'm not happy to see it go. I made some drastic decisions that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Its amazing. Life is amazing. And at the same time I felt some darkness that I haven't felt is such a long time. But that's the gift of life right? Being capable of feeling so intensely, you kind of have to feel both the darks and the lights to appreciate the other. So this time, rather than sink into a dark depressed hole with the feeling of no way out, I held on to it and felt it, and processed it. Maybe I was there longer than I wanted to be, but at least this time I heard myself and worked through it rather than just soaking in it.

That's quite a lesson I think.

So far in 2013 I've practiced the things I've learned in 2012:



basically the Toltec 4 agreements. But I've been actually practicing them with the foundation of Patience. Knowing that things take time and understanding. So, yea. This will be a great new year with new relationships, new career opportunities. 

Things you can look forward to me finishing this year:

Music Video

RPG: Machinations of the Space Princess

New Praetorians (Comic)

PlayMelt (Cosplay & Gaming forum for Meltdown comics)

Youtube D&D Game Series.


... all this talk about work. I'mna get on that. 

Have a great day everyone!