Women of Geekdom Calendar: Shot and Fun was Had by ALL!

Thanks for making this Luke!

I'm photobomming Jenna & Chloe

I often have great times... but this was THE BEST time I have ever had with a group of girls!!! 

First I get to the airport Super late (to everyone else, but just in time in Satine Time Land) and who's waiting all cozy in their seats? The lovely Dodger (PressHeartToContinue), Chloe Dykstra, Misti Dawn & the Barbara Walters of Geekdom: Jenna Busch! What a group of awesome ladies!!!

Dodger, Misti, Chloe, Jenna & moi

Lax to Georgia... then to South Carolina

Hungry Dodger eats the meat Jerky!

So... I've never been to this part of the East coast. I usually go to New York, Jersey & Miami... this was totally different. I have to admit I had the FEAR in me. I heard its very religious and conservative but I thought whatever... until about 10 mins in South Carolina......

best part is its on wheels and shoulder pads and there were two guys doing this on the same corner

the God rays were pretty cool though.

Once we got to the house and met up with the other girls things were relaxed and awesome. We tried on our costume pieces and sat around hanging out, getting to know eachother. Surprise surprise: We are all so very awesome and couldn't believe that we didn't already know one another. We had a full on Slumber Party and got to know each other very well the first night. Definitely Geek Sisters!

 Mirror's Ears!

Dodger and Jenna and Moi stretching in the backyard with our toes in the grass!

round 1..... once I pop I can't stop!

Jenna pointing out to us her Youtube Show with Stan Lee and guest star Nathan Fillion. #Geekgirlenvy

bottom left clockwize: Dash, Jenna, Nicole, Luke, Misti, Chloe & Moi

That's Dash's fancy R2 wine mug

Nicole is trying my Cactus Tortilla Chips...not sure what Luke is doing

The next day I did something I never have done before... well a few things but the first one was waking up hungover on a shoot day. I've NEVER shot hungover before... but I did this time. Classy Satine... NOT. lol. Luckilly we had a trailer to do hair and makeup in downtown Charleston at the visitors center. Every time I went to the restroom I learned a little something about the area. We walked over to a sandwich shop near the location and the guy behind the counter had the best Geek Tattoos! Then I was off to get painted as Didi from the Sandman Series by Neil Gaiman... well, inspired by.. I didn't have the Ankh necklace because we didn't want to get sued.

Charleston Visitor Center downtown & restroom

Moi, Jenna the Valkarie, Stormy as She'ra & Stormy's Man

Shaun of Shauncastic and moi. The man organized quite the event!

Stormy as She-ra

After the shoot I was whisked away to the house where I scrubbed all that white off and got into my Mirror outfit. Yes, Mirror is the character that got disassembled by the Goblins during Zak Smith's Vornheim campaign on our webseries "I hit it with my Axe". What the internet may not know is that She has been recently resurrected!!!!! after what... a year or two?! Well, here she is... er, I am. I am also wearing my d10 necklace/choker. I hope the shots show all my cool Mirror Gear!

Mirror in the flesh

Laura aka @drmrstheawesome as her Tiefling!

Then we surprised Shaun with a Birthday cupcake extravaganza... which I probably ate enough for everyone and he was so shocked and exhausted he could barely express how happy he was. lol.

i had 4... but they are dairy free.. and gluten free... so that's ok, right? lol

Then we stayed up all night playing Cards Against Humanity. Frak! If I wasn't going to hell before playing this game, I certainly am now:

chloe dealing the deck... and i'm just Sock'n around wearing Mika Tan's socks

my hand

I forgot the question but Ethnic Cleansing might have won this round

blew my mind!

The next morning we had to get up early (10 am) for the December Xmas group photoshoot. I brought my Stitched heart PJs and my Birthday 8Bit Glasses from my dear friend David Mack to pose with.


Shauncastic Podcast with ALL of us!More of the table for Shauncastic Podcast

... And then.... we decided to get matching Tattoos. There were 17 of us that went to get matching USB tattoos. apparently you're not allowed to get tattoos below the wrist in South Carolina so we drove to Savannah Georgia to get our tattoos. 2 hour road trip!!!! it was amazing! We made an appointment at Ressurection Ink then went to get Hibachi then back to the Tattoo Parlor till after 11pm. Then had a great drive home talking about the universe with the Rosados. A Big thank you to the guys at Resurrection Ink for tattooing us. My Tattoo artist was Dominic Rapson@redexcelsior and one of the others who is amazing at portraits & realism is Frankie Lambough. They stayed open over an hour after closing for us crazy kids! We all had such a fun time and I ofcourse got the tattoo on the top of my finger where it hurts on the bone... but everyone else got it on the soft spots on the side of their finger or their wrist. Sandy was the funnest. She never had a tattoo before and scared herself and when it was over she got to match us. Oh yea... she was supposed to leave early to get her flight but it got cancelled so one of the guys drove her to meet us and even he got the tattoo with us! The Storm was pretty bad all day. a few of us ran around in the rain in the back yard with our clothes on earlier in the day. Yummy warm rain storm!

Dodger and I en car'o en route to Georgia

so green!

Dodger's first Nigori Sake experience :)

Nicole, Luke, CB & Dodger

Laura, Shaun, Dash, Jenna, Chloe, Misti, Christina's elbow

literally our last supper together

I've seen a lot of things in my life but this really happened!!!!! and got in Shaun's beer too!!

Christina, Jenna, Chloe, Nicole, Laura & Shaun in the back.

Jenna Gett'n it

Dodger gett'n it by Dominic while Chloe Watches

Chloe gett'n it done like a champ

I got it did first :D

Laura got hers did in the other room on her wrist

Dominic doing Shaun

say'n bye bye to Dominic before the mad dash back to SC

THE CREW plus the tattoo'ists!!!

earlier before Sandy left I drew the USB on her finger so she wouldn't be left out... maybe I jinxed her flight so she had to get it tattoo'd?!

A bunch of us stayed up till 5am talking and getting the most out of our time since we knew we wouldn't be seeing some for a long time. This time together was so very special. We all have been longing for some awesome solid geeky female friends. BAM! We made a dozen instantly. Talk about willing eachother into existence. I mean we are all fabulous in different shapes, sizes and attitudes. I hope that comes across in the Calendar. I hope you all get to see the awesome we see in eachother. So happy to have met these wonderful Women! Life long friends instantly. 

I'll never forget this weekend... also it was drilled into my finger :D

Early the next day I went to the Airport with Sandy and I already missed our real world Cosplay house and all its inhabitants. Thanks everyone for making this so memorable. Those in front and behind the camera. ... i mean... holy crap. Dallas, CB, Rico Suave, J-dizzle (you know you liked singing Niki Minaj with me), Anthony, the lovely makeup artists and Airbrush King. Not to mention the wonderful Maggie who shot the photos and everyone else involved who I didn't get a chance to meet.... ... and all of YOU who donated to our wonderful cause on Kickstarter. Thanks for making all of us Geek Girls' dreams come true!!!!

 Sandy and I in the airport