Life isn't always as it seems

The thing about the Internet is that everything is edited. Most written things are mostly edited. A person writes them and thinks it over, erases, rewrites and the final product comes out the way the person who wrote it wanted it to be. Like a movie or song. Our interactions are edited and presented to one another in a neat little package. We take the time to rewrite things. Why don't we take the time to think and edit what we say? I'm talking about person to person, face to face or voice to voice? 
You know when you are fighting with someone and you say mean things you don't really mean, you say them just to jab at the other person. Do you ever find yourself retracting your comment? Saying it then saying sorry for it soon afterwards? Maybe try listening to yourself and figuring out why you want to jab at the other person in the first place. Will it effect the outcome you want? Is it really any good to not edit yourself?

It goes another way too. Editing for good. What if you edited yourself in the direction of more affection? Show someone you love them by editing yourself to give more. We often talk about how to be less negative. What about being more positive? You live life once. Should you choose to live it with someone else maybe try being present and showing them you are happy to be there. Some people get lazy and comfortable and forget they signed up for a life WiTH another human being. Don't take that person for granted.

Life takes work. Life with another person takes even more work, but work can be fun. But it definitely takes two.

These realizations come to me daily as I go through my own storm of what might have been if we were different people who talked to each other differently and showed more appreciation for one another. Where did we go wrong? How did we possibly loose our footing in this relationship? I hope I retain what I learned here for the future.
Life changes so easily. Don't take it for granted. Breathe life while you still can.