Satine: Gym Rat

Today is week 8 of Jamie Eason's 12 week Body Building program. I have built a lot of strong muscle and I feel really rediculously healthy!! I don't know why I let my brain demons get in the way of my success over the past 3 years. The 5 years prior it was a piece of cake. Maybe it was age that made me question myself. That hump over my Return to Saturn. Since i'm at the end of it I can see clearer. I'm 32 this year and happy in my skin again. 

Life is hard yo! 

Taking the time to make my life better even though it is not convenient to do so, I think is a part of it all. The easy thing to do is not to pay attention. Now I pay attention and getting up every day is easier because of my self worth. I'm worth it! I have to say that over and over daily at 6am... and sometimes it doesn't kick in until 630... 

Personal Best.

Its been great since I stopped comparing myself to other people. We are all so different and that's pretty cool. What works for some may not work for others. 

I also learned that I eat a whole lot. And I wonder... how much do you guys spend on groceries a week? What kind of stuff do you get? I want to cook so my home is happy rather than cook just to feed my machine.