Reflecting on 2012

Daydreaming today. 
Reflecting on this year...what a wild ride. 
Just from my timeline on Facebook... incredible. And the memories of everything in between... To think one decision could change a persons life, for better or for worse. It was a scary ride. Bold and beautiful. Frightening to think about where and who Satine was a year ago. I am the Woman I dreamed of being last year.
Pretty amazing creating dreams, pretty enchanting to find out how easy it is to dream of a future reality.
What I did this year to change my life:
Lost 20lbs.. got divorced.. took my career to new levels.. started living true to myself.. Began learning about myself and feeding my curiosity. ... Met amazing people who inspire me. 
I realized... Its good be grounded, however never settle for comfort. Grow and change and learn, and appreciate what you have... but never get stuck in a situation. People get so comfortable with what is safe for them... but everything changes, constantly. I've learned to surf life and grow with myself. 
You should try it, its delicious. 
My New Years Resolution is to continue.