Celebrity Charity DnD!!!


Saturday Oct 13 we've got another Celebrity Charity Dungeons and Dragons event!!

This time will we be trying to raise $1000 in 6 hours. From 12noon - 6pm Pacific Standard time.

Go To: http://meltcomics.com to watch via LIVE STREAM! I'll be your host for the day, live streaming on the main page & keeping tabs on the tables & items being sold for charity! All the information you need is on meltcomics.com. Donate from the comfort of your own home!! 

$5 donation to watch one of the 3 streaming tables

$10 donation to purchase the Keith Baker original Adventure!

$40-$60 items with personalized signatures and messages from the players ONLY available between NOON & 6PM!!!

Again, I repeat, The Items & PDF of the adventure are ONLY AVAILABLE from NOON - 6pm PST!!! So BE THERE! TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS!!!

ALL moneys go to REACH OUT AND READ RoRLosAngeles.org

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