Saturday January 28 1-6pm PPV DnD!

DnDMelt and Satine Phoenix bring you the second Annual

Celebrity Charity Dungeons and Dragons GAME!

When: January 28, 2012.
Time: 1-6 pm
Where: (online)
Charity: Reach out and Read Los Angeles

Http:// @ReadTogether


Facebook event page:

***This is an online event which means on JAN 28, go to and choose the table you want to PPV a donation to and watch***


DONATE Minimum: $1.00 !!!!!! (per table)


Join our live feed from Meltdown Headquarters in Hollywood. Just go to to PayPerView and Donate the day of the event.

4 tables of up to 6 celebrity gamers per table will be playing the same Adventure, choosing from a short list of Characters all written by Celebrity D&D Writer: Keith Baker


Ever wonder how different celebrity minds would approach the same adventure? You will be able to watch from the comfort of your own home. Each table will be video taped and streamed live for viewers to login and watch for a minimum donation of $1 per table.
You can purchase a PDF of the adventure for $5 to play with your friends.

All Proceeds will be added up at the end of the event to be announced and rewarded to Reach Out and Read 


Our Dungeon Masters for the Day:

Keith Baker
Zach Hanks
Matthew Mercer
George Rockwell


The Players that have RSVP'd:

Javier Grillo-Marxuach
Dan Milano
Jason Miller
Pat Kilbane
Johnathan London
Beau Ryan
Jeff Cannata
Chloe Dykstra
John Zurr-Platten
David Nett
Digger Mesch
Sax Carr
Ramon Govea
Rob Schrab
Sandra Daugherty
Brian McCarty
Derek Pierce


The event will be filmed by


Our Gaming room will feature Poster Art from Time of the Faeries


A BIG THANK YOU to Wizards of the Coast for supporting us in this endevor. An even BIGGER thank you to Shelly Mazzanoble for the Goodies! ;) - Writer of "Everything I need to know I learned from Dungeons and Dragons".


What exactly is Reach Out and Read?

Reach Out and Read Is an evidence-based nonprofit organization that promotes early literacy and school readiness in pediatric exam rooms nationwide by giving new books to children and advice to parents about the importance of reading aloud.

Visit Http:// for more info or chat with them directly on Twitter @ReadTogether

Help us spread the word about January 28th 2012. Tell all your friends to tell all their friends to tell all their friends. Share it with your gaming groups and podcast buddies and anyone you think might want to spread a little cheer this new year. $1 can go a long way. If 100 people donate a minimum of $1, that's $100 worth of books to be given away. If 100 people donate $5, $10, $20...$30... I think you know where I'm going with this. We can buy a lot of books to give away to hundreds of kids! The more money we raise the more lives we can touch.

Here's why I chose this specific Charity:
My grandma used to read to me when I was little. Some of my earliest memories were of her reading to me and creating stories for me. She would write up these amazing fantasy stories with princesses, dragons and unicorns and I would draw pictures of them all. When I draw or play Dungeons and Dragons I get that same feeling of elation. But that's not all, her reading to me got me interested in reading. I absorbed all the fantasy novels I could find. By the time I was in second grade I was reading at a 4th grade level. A few years later I was public speaking comfortably and able to read and comprehend everything I read, getting Straight A's almost all the way through my school years. Reading is an essential part of my life and I want to share the importance of it with others.

Here's a couple photos from the first event we threw last year at Meltdown Comics:

Brian McCarty, Satine, Keith, Jason Charles Miller, John Zuur Platten

Todd Bringewatt, George Rockwell, David Nett & Satine

Satine & Connie from "I Hit it With My Axe"