Satine Phoenix and the Sword of all things D&D

Hi there everybody!

I've been workin my tookas off freelance illustrating and have been JONEZING for a D&D game. For a normal person that would mean calling up my favorite DM and scheduling a game. However... I'm Satine Phoenix so I go a little above and beyond. 

On the 23rd of September I did a podcast talking about Girls in D&D for . Kiel is a pretty cool guy and didn't exploit my colorful past and I like that. You can listen to the podcast here.

A couple days later I had a long chit chat with Gaston from Meltdown Comics in Hollywood and we have joined forces. I'm the new D&D Liaison for Meltdown and am going to host the weekly Thursday game gathering & put together another D&D Celebrity Charity event... looks like mid January. I'll be posting lots about that in the up coming months. 

Right now I'm totally excited and focused on the RA Salvatore, Dungeons and Dragons book "Neverwinter Book 2" signing at Meltdown comics, Tuesday October 4th at 6pm. I'll be moderating the Q&A with Mr. Salvatore at 8pm. Dungeons and Dragons is putting on this free event. I have a table playing 4th edition going on that evening as well. Come hang out!

AND if you are up for it dress up like your favorite fantasy character (preferably one of Mr. Salvatore's) and spend the evening with us. I just love cosplayers, especially fantasy cosplaying! purr purrrrr~

You can read the details for the RA Salvatore event HERE

Now I'm off to have a very interesting day... which I hope I'll be able to share with you all.. its kinda top secret... :D