Hi yall, 

I want to thank everyone for supporting in my transition from Pornlette to Artist. I think I'm ready to shed that skin for good and metamorphosis into 

Why don't i have

Because some douche bag bought it and won't give it back to me unless i give him $5000.00. He obviously doesn't realize that I'm not doing porn anymore and can't afford to buy that domain from him. So He can hang out in bad Karma land while I move on. 

I'll keep the same content that i already have on here, I'm just changing the name of the site... and the layout. ... and i think I'll keep the sfcb domain and just have it link to Not sure how it all works out.

But... another reason is that google won't let me have ads with a domain that has the word sex in it. Whatever... 

So.. wish me luck...