Afterlight: End of the world (Book 1)

FINALLY!!! After years of creating this intricate anthology, Photographer and Photo Illustrator, J. Corsentino finally produced the first Graphic Novel of his Time of The Faeries world:

Afterlight: End of the world (Book 1)

"This is the end of the world. The end of our world. What went wrong? Why do the angels, once guardians charged with our protection and safety, now hunt us to extinction? As we become fewer and fewer will the questions be answered, or lost in the fires of ritual? When all things fade in the Afterlight...What will be left of hope?" 

What will be left of hope! What happens next. After reading this book I turned the last page and was hungry for more! The photo illustrations feel like they are living, breathing on each page. J Corsentino chose his models wisely. Not just pretty faces fill this book, but expressive faces that are filled with such feelings you can not help but empathize with. The combination of a solid story line, vivid / emotive characters & Breathtaking Photo illustrations make for a book that breaks the boundaries of what Graphic Novels today seem to be stuck in. His innovative thinking and love for detail has created a world that reinvents age old Character Species.

I seriously can't wait for more!