Labyrinth of Jareth - Success!

WOW.. so much fun was had this year. I couldn't believe my eyes. This place is perfect. Un believable! Seriously! I can't believe (actually I can believe) that so many people got together and put so much love and effort into their o'so creative costumes!!! Here's a link to a website that has photos of the event.

... SO MANY SEXY PEOPLE in elaborate costumes. I cant' wait to go big next year! I got to wear my wedding dress and was a fairy princess! I WAS A PRINCESS! Of Fairies! :D

And it was pretty cool because Time of the Faeries dressed up my husband for his first costuming experience and, hook line and sinker... he's totally into it! Next year he wants to get a group of guys together and go as a band of Rocketeers. I prefer his other idea of Spiderman Noir. But there are two days and 2 preview parties so there's plenty of time for two costumes.