What... a change.

Life is funny.. i feel like i say that about 4x a year. Maybe the change comes seasonally... maybe curve balls are seasonal. Who knows. All I know is that I gotta get a regular J.O.B. or an R.J. since getting paid to be ME isn't as lucrative as it once was.  Sooooooo.... I'll take all jobs that are thrown my way. :D hopefully they are:

Character design.. which I am really hoping for.


Hotel/resort concierge.

maybe an evening job or something. I feel like I've got all of this socialite energy and its going no where. I had a really fun time stage managing the Time of the Faeries book release party at King King. I love doing stuff like that for other people or for good causes. What does one do when they are capable of so much?


They performance paint.

Here's the painting I did for Opulent temple's White Party earlier this month:

Also I finished my new book "INKED". I just need to come up with a cover for it then it will be ready to print. 

and ALSO... the book "the Satine Phoenix book of Illustrations" has been sent to the printer by RAOentertainment. I'm very excited for those drawings to come out. I've spent the past 2 years working on them. but of course, I have that one thought in my head: I'm so much better at this now. Hopefully RAO will hire me to do new work and a New book. We'll see. 

Till next time