What a fun spring!

So a lot of goings on have been going on which is why I've been so distracted about updating this website. I'm in the process of redesigning it. Its a slow process.

First, April 12 was Joe's bday so I took him to the Pirates Dinner Adventure located right next to Medieval Times. I had a bunch of our friends meet us there. It was silly fun!

Then We got married last weekend, April 30th. You can see all of the pictures and good times at: http://satineandjoe.ourwedding.com. We head to Maui this month for 5 days and Rome in June for 8 days. We've both worked so hard this year it is a well deserved vacation. Joe's been working a TON of overtime on Thor as well as other big blockbusters that I don't think i'm allowed to mention... So its time to get my Husband Compositor some Vitamin D and UVs! hehe... I've got a husband. That's awesome!

My 31st birthday is on May 22nd. We'll be in Maui then, but we will be celebrating a pre bday adventure at OPULENT TEMPLE, May 14th (next sat) a White Party where I will be live painting. There will be awesome sounds & belly dancers.... Exotic fun for all! Come join us! http://www.opulenttemple.org/ .... Whatever shall I wish for this birthday? A Violin? A Scuba Lesson? These are a few of my favorite things: AMAZON WISH LIST :D

I'll be here and there till Mid June. Once I get back its full steam ahead. Finishing up the Crackwhore book and starting a whole new Graphic Novel with the lovely and ever so talented Tash Cox, Lead singer of Mankind is Obsolete. http://music.mkio.com/

2011 is awesome!