What is wrong with people if they don't get the movie SuckerPunch?

As I was watching the first 15 minutes a dreadful thought came over my head: People are going to eat this movie alive... Then I realized what was really going on and I put my inner cynic aside and continued watching the movie. I think the problem with people is they didn't put their cynic aside and although they are constantly telling Hollywood to make a movie that is different and unique, they really don't want that. They want a movie that is safe and follows the guidelines that all other movies follow. Frankly this isn't that kind of movie. 

It lays somewhere between Live action anime and the story to a really good video game. AND... what's wrong with that? As a culture we identify with music from different parts of our lives and this movie was full of music that reproduced emotions I hadn't felt since last I heard some of these songs in high school and in college. 

The first 15-20 minutes is a set up to the way you have to watch the rest of the movie: with an open mind. It is so much like an anime story line. Why is it that they aren't allowed to make intense fantastical story lines in live action movies, but its ok in an anime? I know people that wouldn't like this film and I know why they wouldn't like this film. Yes there are Beautiful girls in the movie, but because of the circumstances and their confrontation with their pasts, it is less jerk off material than subtle avatars of burdened characters. The beautiful girl with the deep mascara stained eyes represents the girl who's beauty was taken advantage of by abusive people. The character development is in the attitude and the costume and makeup. Her image tells her story. 

The fact that the team who created suckerpunch drew upon the emotions and feelings people get when playing video games or listening to music in those intense developing years and catching the intimate moments between abuser and abused without going over the line... I give them a standing ovation for creativity. 



The movie starts with a couple of montages that, were they to have been shot in the normal way of filming, would have been too straight forward. The dream-likeness of the montages really capture the feeling of being in that kind of a moment with one's abusive guardian. The fear, the anticipation, the dreaminess of actions. This film captured the mood exactly and communicated it precisely.

The story line is pretty simple. A traumatic event followed by a greedy parent intent on getting rid of the daughter so he could inherit the fortune. She gets put away and rather than shooting literally "A girl in an asylum" they shot what happens in a girls mind when a traumatic event occurs, she retreats into her fantasy. The film is her fantastical interpretation of the events that occurred.

The beginning of the movie explains the whole movie. Babydoll is the angel, the story is about how Babydoll the angel saves SweetPea. The fact that you watch the whole movie thinking it is about Babydoll, knowing from the beginning its not, is fabulous not frustrating.

JUST so its clear to those of you who didn't get it...

The fantastical scenes of adventure were Babydoll retreating in her mind and fantasizing each scenario. It was her interpretation of it all as a way of coping with what was happening since she overheard what was going to happen (lobotomy).

The long fighting scenes were representative of her feelings of what was going on. intensity, epic-ness... he really reached in and pulled out of the viewer the feeling of excitement and fear you get when you are playing a video game. The scene on the train where they are just ripping one machine apart after another. A friend said he was so into it he forgot to breath; much like when your character is being assaulted by 50 enemies at a time.