Spring time

WOW.. what a weekend! Its Spring. And this year i'm more aware of it. I couldn't help but clean the house from top to bottom. Now to really clean my temple. And by temple I mean my body inside and out. No you perverts, I mean with food and exercise. .... and maybe even a whole revamp re design of this website. Its so messy....

I joined http://220fitness.com in Venice/Santa Monica Area. Today we ran on the beach with Kangoo shoes! Great low impact bouncy shoe.



only 39 days left till the wedding so i've upped my Workout regime:

Boxing, Kangoo Boot Camp, Cardio Sculpt, Yoga & Pilates. That's 5 days a week. I am 95% vegan during the week, but I don't even think about it. I still take my protein shake twice a day but I just make salads, Juice drinks & Lightly cooked veggies & soups. This last weekend I had some decadent food: Fondu (steak in beef broth) and a bottle of wine. The salt & wine... and probably the onion and garlic in the food reacted pretty bad. My skin is super sensitive and i broke out in Acne on my arms and have a HUGE under skin zit between my eyes and chin. Moral of this story... NO MORE Eating bad. No more eating what my body doesn't like. I just can't fight it anymore. Its hard when the people around you don't eat healthy. But with springtime I'm finding I can't compromise my health and body anymore. If my body rebels against certain foods then that's just the way its gotta be. Many of my friends have been telling me I need to incorporate more oils into my diet. So I did, just a little bit... and my skin is so sensitive that my face has become super oily. Even my fiance commented on it. 

So i'm researching Ayurvedic eating; eating for your personal type. What i'm finding is amazing. Its all about balance. Not one thing is good for everyone. Obviously. Forcing me to eat garlic because its some Miracle ingredient doesn't make sense. It hurts me. And its not in all cultures. The Krishna's don't cook with garlic or onions. Why would I want to eat something that makes me stink? Just because it tastes good? Sugar tastes good, that doesn't make it good for you. So, this book my friend Laur let me borrow is amazing. It talks about eating to balance your personal health & self. There are quite a few web sites dedicated to this knowledge. I can no longer subscribe to what is ok for the general populous to ingest. These companies do not have our best interest in mind. They cater to our weakness and what we're trained at very young ages to love. We associate cakes and pastries and sugar with being rewarded and birthdays and holidays and good feelings. (most people, obviously there are exceptions) 


And in light of the recent world disasters i've taken to becoming an even more hard core survivalist. JUST in case we have to evacuate. I'm learning how to grow my own veggies & would love to take a survive in the wilderness class. Someone scoffed at me about it saying that's never going to happen in our lifetime. I wanted to say WAKE UP! It just happened! We're all watching it daily on the news. Yea, Scoff when I'm carrying you to the pre planned evacuation location where i've buried supplies.

and to end this on a not so psycho way....

Delilah Strong