Things I did last week & will do this week

I like to keep busy, keeps the dust from settling in my brain but I think i went a little overboard... First I went and bought some of these...

then my lovely hairdresser/best friend Kristal Rose did this:

Then finished Phase two of this:


Then got my weekly DMing in but didn't use this.. yet:

Started the Life Drawing Classes at Meltdown Comics and did these:

Then went home and did this:

Then went xmas shopping... and spent 5 more hours on my tattoo at (totaling 12 hours so far.)

Then got a BUNCH of work done... had meetings that were super productive... did more xmas shopping.. then took the boys from DnDMelt HERE:

And then went to the Husband's xmas party and drank and ate far too much...

then spent Sunday DMing. Apparently my Dungeons look like a Sexually Frustrated David Lynch Film. ... then I went home and accidentally fell asleep thru my buddy Ramon's bday party. ( sorry Ramon!)

Tonight is Cosplay Life drawing with Azmyth Kaminski.

Tomorrow night is life drawing with Vivid Vivka.

Wednesday more tattooing, Thursday is DnDMelt, Friday is Faustino's record party and close friend's Holiday party...

Saturday is DnDMelt Character building boot camp from 1-4 pm then to another Close friend's Sexy holiday party....

Sunday is DNDMelt with an EPIC game Dm'd by both Patrick and I!!!

Maybe Sunday night I'll be able to get some rest, I mean... That's the day for it right?

Hope to see y'all at one of these fine outings!