My Holiday Wish List 2011

I know I have an Amazon Wish list but here's a link list that spans the Internet and lets you know just a little more about me.


2: Year subscription to An excellent source for all your dungeons and dragons gaming as well as other games I don't play but one of the many cool things WOTC subscription allows is a compilation of all the books for extreme character creation in their Online Character Maker.

3: Because I can't get enough and I'll just list these because they're all dungeons and dragons stuff I really would love: A wet erase BATTLEMAP from chessex and the complete Monsters Manual. (I think there are 3 books, right?)

4: Gift certificate to blick art store or amazon for art supplies. I go thru art supplies faster than you can say... Art supplies. Brushes, calligraphy pens, paper paper paper ink. I'm a girl who creates and in order for me to create, supplies are needed and appreciated!!

5: Toys- I work hard so I like to play hard. Pretty much anything that has to do with Dr. Who or a number of Ralph Bakshi cartoons, Futurama, Fringe... Puzzles, games, figures... I'm easy when it comes to getting toys for me. If a 6 year old likes it I probably will too. If it bends your brain and makes you think i'll probably like it. Pretty much every thing on

6: I workout a lot and always like to be sexy when I'm doing it! has amazing gym clothes and even better than just their clothes was their campaign this last year: "Who is John Galt". Sweet sweet Ayn Rand and her book caused quite a ruckus this year as the owner, Chip Wilson, references her book "Atlas Shrugged" directly on products (read more about it here). Apparently house wives who support this store were in an uproar. Let's support the double awesomeness of this store by dressing me in their fitness attire. :)

7: I need a laptop to do work on. I'll just be forward with this one. Mine busted a couple years ago and being home bound working is making me kookoo. Help me relax and unwind by gifting me an Apple brand laptop so I can work from the park or coffee shop or even a beach. I'm an Apple girl and P and I get along best when working on Apple products. Unfortunately the program doesn't work on iPads. If you felt extra generous and wanted to gift me a cintique so I can make paintings directly on a screen you would fast become my new best friend!

8: Frames: I have a whole lot of art. Both of my own and of art I'm collecting and the worst part is that most of it is in storage because I don't have frames for my pieces. Not only do I need a lot of them but they usually end up being quite expensive and rather than purchase frames I'd rather buy more supplies and create more art. I am just an artist after all, I don't make Porn Star money... Tho maybe once I frame some of my paintings and sell them I could actually make a decent living off of my art instead of being the struggling artist you know and love. You can be a part of my future by gifting me items that will last forever.

9: Experience: I live life fully and enjoy learning and experiencing and living. My new years resolution is to become the well rounded woman I've been dreaming about being and gradually moving towards for the past 31 years. Now is the time! I could always use a Japanese or Portuguese language course (my two favorite languages). I got a violin or my birthday last year and there's a lady in my building who teaches the violin. I'd love to take lessons from her. ( It doesn't get any more convenient than that!) Even a cooking class or craft class. These types of experiences are worth more than jewelry or flowers. They last forever and will make me more awesome!

10: Frequent flyer miles. I love to travel and anything to help me get to any number of destinations be it near or far I'm into it! My favorite Airline is Virgin because it feels like riding in a giant iMac. But don't let that limit your ideas of where I wish to travel. This year I'd like to travel to at least one of these destinations: Japan, Machu Pichu, Galapagos or Antarctica. (Tho I think Antarctica is a cruise ship from the southern tip of south America which would be a flight and a cruise)

See, that wasnt so bad. Thanks for reading thru my wish list. I call it a Holiday Wish List because I don't discriminate by limiting myself to one religious holiday. I also celebrate Robannukah, Robamadan and Robanzaa.

Happy Winter Solstice Everyone! Enjoy the night!

Carpe Noctem