Maxim Article and other FUN things

So, not sure if you all heard or have seen it yet... but SO COOL!!! Myself and the cast of our old web series "I Hit it With My Axe" are in this month's issue (JWow is on the cover) of MAXIM MAGAZINE. Squeeee!!!!

I'm so excited I'm jigging.. right now. in my seat!

Here's a picture I found of it circulating the internets:

Its a 6 page article on us playing Dungeons & Dragons. there are a bunch of fun pictures of us and Dan Harmon is quoted a whole bunch of times. Holy mackrel i'm so excited!!!

They got a few things wrong that I told the fact check guy to fix ... but didn't: my husband and I met on the "Freaks geeks and Nerds" group at MEETUP.COM... NOT (SMEG) I didn't draw intricate battles where a guy was getting his penis chopped off... I drew intricate scenes of a woman mutilating dudes... kind of a mix of S&M and Saw kind of stuff. There were a couple other things that weren't spot on But in general as a whole it is an awesome article.

If you want to know more about the current D&D stuff I'm doing check out MELTDOWN COMICS in Hollywood. I started a community there called DnDMelt (Our group for events: We have beginner classes & weekly games every Thursday from 5-10 & Sundays from 11-4. Our Monthly Members get to participate in WOTC item Raffles & outings. This month Paid monthly members got to come with me to the Magic Castle in Hollywood! Best field trip ever. I'm very proud of our community. We seem to have gathered Gamers who all break the mold of the stereotype. We have a kids table where parents and their kids can play together or kids can just jump in, our members range from 21-60 and have all been really awesome! In 2012 we're putting on Monthly Pancake D&D Breakfasts, Throwing a Celebrity D&D Charity Event for Reach out and Read, hosting more Dungeons and Dragons classes for Beginners and for those who want to learn how to Dungeon Master. I never thought I would Dungeon Master, but this group of peeps (mixture of Men and Women) have made me feel so comfortable about it that I no longer feel awkward or too nervous. At DnDMelt I've found a group of people who get my geeky jokes & whom I get theirs too. We always have things to talk about and we've become friends since we started in October. I'm mighty proud of our crew.

In addition to this I host a Life drawing group at Meltdown called DrawMelt. We will start again JANUARY 9th, 2012 with WONDERWOMAN for the Cosplay day. (Mondays are COSPLAY costumes and TUESDAYS are traditional clothed figure drawing. 7-10)

Monday: Azmyth Kaminski

Tuesday: Vivid Vivka


SPEAKING of life drawing. My dear friend David Mack is the one who got me addicted to it again. It's so much more freeing now than it was in college 10 years ago. I sat for him during one of his last visits to LA while we were waiting for a friend to show up to model for us and he put it in his new book: Dream Logic. A beautiful Journal of his experiences and I feel honored that he put a couple little pieces of me in it. Pick it up in your local comic shop and google him for his beautiful works! 

We did another 5 hrs on my tattoo on Wednesday. Oh yea! At the Gallery I get tattoo'd they recorded a music video by an artist named Omni.. or "IamOmni" and it features my friend Tiki as female vocals and both Snakebite (the artist of my tattoo) and Sameerah (my Tattoo'ist) AND that Art Gallery AAAAAAnd its a dope song. I mean.. c'mon. Its produced by Tricky. I must have listened to it a BAZILLIAN times yesterday!


And after class on Tuesday I went to see one of my best mates after his show. Julian Shah-Taylor's new band is called Singularity. I can't wait to actually see him live. Everyone was saying it was his best work.

I love having talented friends! Writing this blog just made me beam and realize how awesome everyone in my world is. I'm a pretty happy/lucky chick!

That's pretty much it for this week. There's a lot of work & Holiday party shtuff going on.. Crazy busy like i've never experienced before. But these are good issues. 

Go check out the links above and For more info on the abuse snippit they didn't talk much about in the Maxim article click on this link ~~~> HERE

Word. :)