NEW Tattoo AT

I spent yesterday getting a beautiful tattoo... But not just any tattoo.

A few weeks ago I got together with Snakebite and Sameerah at and we discussed what tattoo I might possibly get. I gave Snakebite permission to use the right half of my back as far up and down as would look right. He has a very specific method on laying the tattoo design on and after figuring out where my curves are, how much room he had to work with, my birthday, my style... he crafted a tattoo specifically to me.

The next time I saw the piece it was practically perfect. He captured my essence perfectly. Surpised me a whole lot! The next step was color scheme and fine tuning the style and texture. After a brief consulatation the tattoo was perfect. With over 20 years experience as an illustrator I DEFINITELY trust Snakebite. His portfolio is astounding! And he's just the first half of the experience!!!

Sameerah is amazing, a talented artist and expert tattoo'ist! I'm very particular with line work. Thick to thin lines and she is a Master at it. I wouldn't trust anyone with my skin unless they were master artists and Snakebite and Sameerah are quite the Tattoo'ing team. 

Together we spent over an hour laying the piece on my skin, carefully lining the pieces up so they rested on the exact place. I LOVED IT! I mean, they understand that this piece represents them and that its going on my skin forever and they weren't about to half ass it. I'm forever grateful! My Phoenix really is stunning.

I spent 7 hours under the needle. We got the first pass of lines and I go back next week for Sameerah's line fine-tuning. Her tattoo style is right up my alley. Then hopefully a week later to get the colors filled in. I estimate 21 hours total for this.

Here's a video by Snakebite of the first pass:

MordidaDeCulebra_SATINE PHOENIX from SNAKEBITE on Vimeo.