Lost Angeles: Thirty five Days with Kevin Eastman... & My weekly life drawing classes

From November 30th until January 4th,


  Turtles co-creator Kevin Eastman will be running five different shows in Metldown Comics’ new gallery space at 7522 West Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles. 

This will include a new art exhibit opening on New Comics Day, every Wednesday from 6pm to 10pm.

SEE Kevin Eastman work in the recreation of his home studio at Meltdown Comics!

SEE Lorenzo Sperlonga (Heavy Metal Artist)'s gallery room for Adult Eyes only! **Hubba Hubba!**

And of course... I had to get in on the Action! I'll be hosting 2 LIFE DRAWING classes each week starting DECEMBER 2011.

Mondays are EXTREME COSPLAY where LA's most talented Cosplayers show off their GOODs for us Artists to draw. 7pm - 10pm. (* Costume Details TBA)

Tuesdays are Traditional Life Drawing. Come draw or hang out and watch other artists get their drawing on! 7pm - 10pm.

On the 18th and 19th, Eastman and Mark Bode will recreate the cover of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 on a mural in the back of the store.

On November 30th: Opens the TMNT Exhibit with 90 pages of original Kevin Eastman TMNT layout art for the new IDW series , the original eighties TMNT artwork, and many items from Eastman’s own collection, to launch the IDW Ultimate Collection Book One.

December 7th: the Underwhere exhibit, with 50 original paintings for Underwhere adventure by Mark Martin and Kevin Eastman, with an exclusive copy of the graphic novel.

December 14th: The original art for Bisley and Eastman’s new comic, as well as the TV development materials.

December 21st: The two showing off work for a film option by Bisley and Eastman, with a collector’s edition book released.

December 29th: An exhibit to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Heavy Metal Magazine, with a massive amount of material on display.