Don't be scared of 4th Edition

OK people. I'm sure that like myself, those of you who usually play 3rd or 3.5 (Dungeons and Dragons) got really scared when you heard about 4th Edition. "Its TOTALLY different", some people say. "Its NOTHING like 3.5", others say.

Well, Here's a BASICS breakdown for you about the differences between 3.5 & 4 found on

The Basics

  • Most rolls now add one-half the character’s level. This includes attack rolls, skill checks and ability checks. This prevents powerful high-level characters from having a puny +1 to a skill.
  • Fort, Reflex and Will are now called Defenses, and work like AC: they have a base of 10, and the enemy rolls his attack versus your flat number.
  • Saving throws refer to a different mechanic: at the end of each round you roll with a 50% chance to end an ongoing effect, such as being poisoned or on fire.
  • Players have “healing surges”a sort of resource that renews each day and can be expended to restore hit points. A misconception is that this allows characters to freely heal themselves in combat. Rather, healing still requires a cleric or similar, and healing surges are limits on how much healing a character can receive in a day. Some 1/day or 1/encounter abilities allow a character to spend a healing surge on their own. Clerics can heal at-will out of combat, to the limit of each character’s remaining healing surges.

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