Why are people so mean?

So, today I woke up to go to the doctor's office to figure out what the hell is going on with my eye... Then I leave making an appointment to get something cut out of my eye. Next Tuesday. YIKES. Trying not to freak out...

Then I get home and check my mail and find out that this super nice guy JoetheLawyer posted about our D&D Meetup: http://wondrousimaginings.blogspot.com/2011/10/la-area-dnd-players-join-satine.html and then I read the comments. WOW, talk about hurtful. Why are people so mean when it comes to girls and D&D? Why is it so offensive to them that a pretty girl would be behind something like this. Do I seriously have to dress down to be taken seriously? Frak that, i'm me! I'll look how I want to and these jerks just need to chill out! I wanted to throw D&D events and Meltdown wants to have D&D Events so they asked me to be their Liaison. 

I am NOT a Porn Chick. I'm just an artist. You can actually see one of my books in the picture of my last blog posting. Its behind other books (two to the right of the Lucha noir... my burning quill book). Just because there's stuff on the internet doesn't mean that's who I am. And what does that even mean? Porn chick. Talk about Stereotyping! Its things like this that make me wonder why I'm even throwing these events. ... 

Oh wait.. I know why i'm throwing them... BECAUSE I FraKING LOVE D&D! yea. I love D&D and I love throwing events. And for the first time in my life I can throw D&D Events and Wizards of the Coast is actually behind me on this. We have so many good things planned and the fact that WOTC is so supportive of my ideas really makes my heart flower. 

So SMEG OFF you Troll. Re Calculate your Charisma Modifier... Because you Critical Failed your comment roll.