As you can see I spent my sat night cleaning up my site and I'm all changed into my satinephoenix.net clothes. She's so pretty and clean. I'm up late tonight arranging tables for the DnDMelt game at Meltdown Comics tomorrow at 11am (Sunday). So far we have 20 people attending, that's 4 tables!!!! ... And it's only the 4th gaming event. Boy we are growing fast! I can't wait till the gallery opens up Nov 1 so I can get all of us gamers in that brand new shiny room! We've got 46 members since I started the meetup group less than 2 weeks ago. Woohoo! This is so exciting! Check us out: http://meetup.com/DnDMelt
Here's pictures from last Thursday's game. 8 players! We r crazzy!

Now back to my organizing schedule.