My latest endeavor: DnDMelt

Ok guys, I know I've been pushing this a lot but I'm really excited about this stuff. No longer will I allow myself to succumb to peer pressure regarding being a nerd and playing Dungeons and Dragons. To all of you in my past who laughed at me about it: Frack off! You only live once and you should do the things that make you happy!

Planning events and Dungeons and Dragons both make me happy so that's what I'm doing! With the help of Meltdown Comics in Hollywood I've started DnDMelt!
Two gaming days a week at Meltdown: Thursdays and Sundays.

For all of the details check out Http://
Or check out the meetup group: and even on twitter @DndMelt

The Dungeons and dragons community is huge... Why not make Meltdown your homebase with me:)

Raffles, Sunday pancake days, food and drink... Character creation classes, beginner lessons for all ages and we are girl friendly. this is not a Boys club... This is a community of like minded people playing different versions of Dungeons and Dragons... Even pathfinder gamers are welcome!