Interesting Observation

I'm standing in line for the eye doctor. There are 5 people in front of me from 47-80. There are no seats. We are all just standing and leaning against the wall at 830 in the morning. The fascinating part of all of this is their conversation. I join the line in the middle of their conversation. It starts with politics and complaining about taxes and the real way people are living in America. How politicians and their perks are so far away from the average man they are representing. The conversation then changes as we've been in line for 15 minutes. I can tell the gentleman in front of me is having a hard time standing and we are told the computers have froze. Their voices are slow and the laughter has an exhaustion to it. They make a good point in this part of the conversation about their "old ways" and their belief that computers will be the demise of our civilization. They comment about the simplicity of not having 900 friends on Facebook and how much simpler it would be to just have been checked In And hand the nurse a piece of paper and be seen by the doctor.
All of these people are very different and have such diverse pasts. But they all agreed that computers will ruin humanity.