Happy New Year Y'ALL! Things have been CRAZY here on the Western front. Arting up a storm for RAOENTERTAINMENT.com, Being my own Wedding Planner & Working out. Its been crazy. Not much time to go out and experience new things or even normal things with current friends, but Hard work and dedicating time to work means a lot to me. 

For instance, I just got my name Legally Changed to Satine... and if another person asks me what my real name is i'mna make them feel silly and show them my License because SATINE is my real name. That's a huge chip off my shoulder.

I just finished the first book coming out from RAO Entertainment: the Satine Phoenix book of Illustrations. We're compiling everything I've done for them into one 60 page book, hard cover Collectors Edition. Here's a sneak peak of the cover layout.



I LOVE working for RAO. Craig, the owner/director/mastermind, has been a close friend of mine for a couple years now. He's been so supportive of my art really pushing me to be better and do more. This is the first book. The next book is a collection of letters from "Twisted Mindz" called "Delusional thoughts, Crack Whores and Other Scallywag Behavior". Its letters from a man to a few Whores. Its a total creep out! Like, for sure! Its unbelievable the shit coming out of this guy's head. And I get to illustrate the whole thing. Its kind of nerve wracking because the subject matter is so awful... like Black Swan Meets the PRO. Yea.. stir that up in your head. 



Yet another project I'm doing with Craig are the STITCHED HEART illustrations for the clothing line. We've got sexy tanks, Panties, business button ups, yoga pants, baseball tees, sweaters... TONS of stuff with my illustrations on them. The Logo was done by Jason Wood of Cynicdesign.com He's amazing at the LOGOTYPE.. SUCH YUMMMMY SEXXXY Fonts.. awwww yeeeahhh.

And all the while and in between Work I've found that going to the Gym at 8am and getting back by noon allows me more energy and focus to sit and work all day. My butt is getting that wideness that only people who sit for 8 hrs a day know about. I don't have the crazy drive to work out 3hrs a day like I used to, so i'm teaching myself Moderation. Yoga, Pilates, Turbo Kickboxing, spinning. I'm no longer looking for instant diets and results. I'm trying to learn how to integrate being healthy into my career as an artist with crazy deadlines and odd ball work days. Along with all of that Joe and I have decided to take up Archery. Just something else for us to do that's outside. Breaking the geek mold one game at a time.

Speaking of geeks.. I got a REALLY COOL TOY! I got the nano touch with a silicone watch band and screen cover... a headphone splitter and ILuv travel speaker system. i'm two programs away from the Dick Tracy watch. It just needs skype and video and it will be PERFECT!


I'm heading to Tampa this weekend to finalize the next book layout with Craig and the East Coast RAO team. SO EXCITING! Hopefully I'll have more to talk about this year. 

 And everything above can be found by searching Facebook. So follow.. A lot. So we know you want it.



SATINE~ Cuz that's my name YO!