Green Hornet

Ok, so this is just a quickie about Green Hornet because people are so awful lately about their geekdom that I just can't take it anymore. Its a movie. A very entertaining movie. Seth Rogan is an actor. Just because you've seen him do very specific roles doesn't mean he isn't capable of doing more. I feel the same way about Ryan Reynolds... who I originally Nay-Sayed about acting outside of the box. Now I just feel like an asshole after seeing Buried. We are so used to seeing people get cast for specific things. More than that, we are used to seeing people in very specific lights pigeon holing them into a corner, not allowing them to grow and become more than what is perceived. People are complex. People ebb and flow, have good days and bad yet we ridicule them when who are we to talk. We, the ones watching are all over the map.

So, here's a reply I made on facebook about people saying the Green hornet looked lame and that Seth Rogan is merely what you have already seen of him on tv:

You guys are nay-saying jerks. Seth Rogan did really good! He was perfect for the role. First off, Michel Gondry directed it He also directed "Science of sleep" "Be Kind Rewind" and "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind". He has a way with taking actors who usually do a specific type of character acting and pulling out more, integrating them into the characters you see on film. A more Average man doing surreal and over average type of things. What could possibly push someone's imagination that far? In the Green Hornet it is the death of his overly wealthy & respected father. It doesn't touch on some rich boy who's daddy died. It focuses on a narcissistic rich Playboy who creates a whole world/ persona/ team/ ordeal to deal with his fathers death. The people around him are effected and you can see in their faces the real world toil and anguish that is caused by this imaginative escapist.

Its fun, outrageous to the point that it keeps you realizing that every action has a reaction and the effects remind you that you're in the theater for one thing: to be entertained.