Why I want the Spider-man reboot


After doing my daily geek site internet reading today I came across a bunch of editorials about the dislike of the new Sony Spider-man reboot. After yelling my opinion at the screen i decided it was better to just write it here on digital web paper.
To start, I think this reboot is the best thing for the Spider-man franchise. I finally came to the conclusion with myself, after much back and forth, that  I only really liked the other Spider-man movies....well, because it was a live action Spider-man. I have waited my whole comic book geek life to see my favorite characters portrayed on the big (or little) screen in live action, correctly. I say correctly because there have been many massive fails with the old Captain America movie, the 70's Spider-man TV show and that never releases Fantastic Four flick.  
Now that  i have seen movies like Iron man, the Dark Knight and even the Incredible Hulk i find my self very unsatisfied with Raimi's portrayal of good ol' Webhead.  It never felt like spider-man to me. Maybe because Raimi was going with a more old school feel to Spidey and Pete Parker and I grew up with Spidey during the Todd Macfarlane days could be the main reason i fell this way. Don't get me wrong I love Stan Lee and Steve Ditko's version and have read them all, but Todd made Spider-man much more dark, gritty and had an underlying tone of exhaustion.  Raimi's Spider-man was shot with all bright blue skies and sunny weather which made the character feel much more cartoony and a little goofy, you never felt the weight that  Peter had on his shoulders, the "curse." It was more of a romantic action movie then study of a kid that turned into a man over night even though he didn't know it yet.
I'm not totally sure this is how the reboot will feel. They seem to being going for an Ultimates approach to the film. I haven't read any of the Ultimate Spider-man, but i have heard good things. I just hope they can finally get the feel of what Spider-man is all about, which is not all bright and shiny lights. Don't let the red and blue tights fool you. Good luck Sony.