3 more weeks

3 Weeks is all I have left to loose a few pounds. I've gotten the weight down a bit But something crazy happened a few days ago. OUR PLAYSTATION DIED! I know... Fraking HORRIBLE!!!!

So, I went back to the gym today after not working out for a couple of weeks. It isn't as satisfying as P90x but at least its something. And as we all know, something is better than nothing.


SO... Here's an AWFUL Before picture... kind of embarrassing, but I don't mind showing it now that I've lost a bunch of weight.


yea.. i'm not going to put any of the other before pictures up. bleh.
Here are the after pictures from today, and I'm bloated today because.. uh... i'm a girl and didn't take my water retention supplements for a couple of days.
And yes... that's a stack of comics under Abraham Obama.
So, yea... not following the P90X to the T, but It still worked for me. I might not be a size 3 like I could have been if I worked out 5 days a week but a size 6 from a size 10 is pretty exciting. And every day I can fit into more and more old clothes. At this rate I could probably get to a size 3 or 4 by our wedding at the end of April.
Keep on Keepin on!
~ Satine Phoenix
PS: no photos were Photoshopped for the making of this blog. :)