You say tomato, I say tomato...

I guess that doesn't translate in text well.

So, I've been using Joe's P90x and he's been working so hard at work that he hasn't had the time to workout. Seriously... I never knew guys could work so hard at their jobs. That's show business!

But he brought home Bruce Lee's book "BRUCE LEE: the art of Expressing the Human Body". I started flipping through it and realized that what Bruce Lee did has sustained throught the years. Many of the pieces of his regimine are in P90X. The great thing about his book is that he explains WHY the things he does are so important to the human body but he doesn't make a scientific speach about it, he explains everything very simply. ... In almost a "GET OFF YOUR ASS" kind of way. Any movement is better than no movement.

Hopefully Joe will read this book and understand why i'm so adamant about him taking suppliments and eating better. Those two things are very important and hard to get people to understand in the middle of life.