Finally they came out with a snack that is packed full of protein, low in sodium, sugar and fat AND GLUTEN FREE! ... AND TASTES LIKE CANDY! Well, the cereal tastes like sugary cereal and the cookies taste sweet and sugary.


I'm not trying to sell products here. I don't get a commission from sales. I just enjoy spreading the word that there are people out there who have, like me, wanted snacks that they can eat. They're almost there for me. The chips have garlic in them so I can't have those, but everything else is good! They make individual cereals or box cereals too. I like to put them in my purse on the run. AND the best test was taking them to comic con where the boys had to choose between "delicious" con junk food and staying in the booth and eating my snacks. They ate and loved the snacks.

So, there you go. No excuse to eat better. Kay's Naturals finally figured it out!