Almost 2 months in

So, i'm almost 2 months into this workout thingy. I'm not as hard core as I was before which is fine. I'm still seeing pretty amazing results. My arms are thinner and I have a waist that I don't have to create with a corset! (WOOHOO!!) I'm about 2 or 3 workouts a week. Right now I'm frantically preparing for Fetishcon so hopefully I'll be able to work out there. It seems the only way I can handle a convention: working out before getting there.

One of the new things I've started using that seems to be crack in a powder (but results are really good and energy is sustained ALL DAY! No coffee necessary) is BODY EFFECTS

I like the Watermelon flavor!

After spending about 2 hours Sports Nutrition this one one of the products I left with. I live in LA and if the majority of people that buy this product are strippers and models... I'M IN! AND its working. 

The one thing that surprised me is how I should take my protein powder for optimum results... 3x a day with Glutamine. The glutamine I take is a new blend. Pretty fun stuff!

So.. Keep up the workouts as often as you possibly can. Because every day you do work out is better than not working out.