ComicCon 2010 - a couple days later

WOW.. I know its days after the con so i'm a little late. But if you've been following me on facebook or twitter you've gotten a nice juicy chunk of all of the goings on. Like I've said before: this is my hobby so ya'll get it when I get to it. :D (and I ate some garlic and onions on Tuesday so I've been out for the count for a couple of days. SUCKs being allergic to things.)

ANYWHO... I had THE BEST time with Joe, Mike & Lindsey. Mike and Lindsey are our "east coast" SFCB reps... that have not actually posted anything but have been planning on it. ... for a while. And good intentions will get you far in my head! When I wasn't hanging with them I was at the GeekScape booth avoiding the masses & doing interviews. Mostly I ended up being EYE candy. There's a great interview they did with the director of the ROOM where I'm adjusting my nose ring the whole time. PHOTOBOMB! or in this case: VIDEOBOMB!

Our LA web crew consists of:,, ,, and (cbs!). The later two had panels that were packed and really fun! 

Jonathan London .. one of the funniest guys I know!Comic Book Sundays Panel

Kelly (the best PR girlie in ZWORLD!) Clem Bastow from and Moi

boys from uglycouchshow.comMiss Sin Fisted! pre getting kicked off of the pony

Some of the famous faces I saw were: Danny Devito & the cast of "It's always sunny in Philadelphia", Rob Lowe (who was walking around as a guest and when recognized, put on a mask), The Director of the ROOM.. the cast and Director of the Batman short: City of Scars. There's more .. I just can't remember at the moment. I'll update as I do.

The reason I can't remember much about ComicCon is that I was distracted because JOE asked me to Marry HIM!! I said yes! He asked me on Friday. It was very sweet. We were having a nice late night stroll by the water, the moon was full and I was talking about the Economics of Terrorism (from a TED talk I watched earlier in the day while working out). So, Saturday rolled around and I couldn't help but tell everyone. Not like they could miss the ring.. its SUPER big bright and shiny! So, we are planning on getting married sometime in April/May, between our birthdays. I'll keep you updated on that. Its most of what I'll be thinking/talking/planning about this next year. 

So, i'mna upload the pictures from my various friend's sites into a gallery here on the site. There are just far too many pictures to put in a post.