GLORIOUS iPhone 4!!!

If you haven't heard about the new iPhone 4 you must be living under a rock... or are having too much fun to read about gadgetry. And at $149 for 16gb / $199 for 32gb how can you NOT get it!

Apple likes to one up everyone else's products and they sure did blow the droid out of the water with this one. With the clever "oops, I left the new iPhone at the club" article that became viral spoiling some of the new features, they got to hear the "people's" response on the design. Market research via viral info? Brilliant.

Lets see what the New iPhone has going for it:

Higher resolution display that dou8bles the pixels in each direction (960x640/326ppi)

Back camera 5megapixels with LED flash.

Front facing camera that allows for VIDEO CHATTING!!! HD Video 720p / 30fps

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