So many projects, so little time

I guess it's good to be busy again. I'm finding that my workout regimine is actually giving me more energy to spend more time drawing and being creative. The Ginko Biloba morning pills are keeping me sharp and the CoQ10 is giving my body the zing that seems to melt away with time & age. I have Been fueling up on organic food and about ten other supliments to get more out of what I do at the gym. It's been a crazy ride, going from super fitness chick originally loosing 30lbs in 2004, to lazy binge eater pitting on 20lbs in 2008 (I had a bad master cleanse experience. Gained 20 in 2 weeks) back into fitness girl now in 2010. ... And it wasn't even a yoyo diet kind of thing. I was steadily at 135 for 4 years. Before that all the work out I got was from stripping. Before stripping it was Tae kwon do in junior high. Moral: you can get there even if you've never been there before. You can be the person you've always wanted to be. You can feel happy and healthy even if you've never felt that way before. I was suuuper depressed all my life. Not many of my friends know this. It wasn't until I started moving my body that I got out of my depression. Now i'm annoyinly happy. I'd rather be annoyingly happy than depressed.

WTF.. where was I going with this blog... 

Well, look out for some new art. I'll be at Fetish Con in Tampa this year, ComiCon in San Diego. You can find me on KICKED IN THE DICE BAGS about every other week. (Podcast). The newest episode we recorded was really fun. We discussed what the difference was between Geeks and Nerds, then we coined two new terms:

GERD & NEEK. Sometimes you're both, but more so one than the other... listen to the podcast HERE to hear the discussion. 

Saw SPLICE this weekend. HOLY FUCK... read my article HERE for my thoughts on it and comparison to Chris Cunningham's work.

Body sore, brain fried... gunna go draw now.


~ Satine Phoenix