I don't mean to be a dick...

I don't mean to be a dick lately. I think its the mood stabilizers in the energy pills I'm taking. FucoGreens. Works fantastically giving me sustainable energy that lasts all throughout the day without dropping me. 

What i'm really talking about is this wall post in facebook I posted the other day: 

"Didnt take my vitamins today... I'm currently unfunctioning."

Then suddenly I got these replies from people who obviously don't take vitamins. Maybe they aren't gym people. Maybe they think they don't need vitamins. Either way my friends made comments where they believe that vitamins are all a hoax. That you don't actually get anything from them. That vitamins are just a placebo.

Seriously? People still think that? With all the science to back up the effects of different vitamins, herbs & minerals? It's pretty strange to think people think they can get what they need from the food they eat. Especially now in a country that's sucked the nutrients right out of the plants they grow. I called them ignorant not because I think they are stupid, because I don't think my friends are stupid, rather they are uninformed/ lack modern information.

ig·no·rant adjective. Date: 14th century

1 a : destitute of knowledge or education; also : lacking knowledge or comprehension of the thing specified 

Then I began to think about me spouting my mouth off. I am not a nutritionist nor do I have a degree ... in anything. I'm not a doctor, but that doesn't mean what I say isn't correct. I've been studying vitamins & nutrition for 6 years. Its astounding that people won't take you seriously unless you have a degree in the subject. I have a friend who is an expert map maker, doesn't mean he has a degree in it, but if he were to say something serious about maps, i'd listen to him.

So, here were some of the replies and my retorts to them. (facebook by iphone misspellings & punctuation and all)



*Vitamins are a waste of money. It's just a placebo effect.

*SATINE: That is completely untrue. I've been a vitaminaholic for years. When I don't take them u can tell. When I do take them you can tell. What on earth would make u think they are all placebo?

*some vitamins are great as well as some minerals. i love coral calcium, I can tell when i take them because my brain works better and I have kickass dreams

*N: And I have to say that glucosamine/condroitin/msmcombo has done wonders for chronic my knee pain. When I run out, the pain returns. So some vitamins do work! 


*The measurement of a placebo effect and a real effect can not discerned if you stop taking them. People who take placebos suffer negative effects just as real as someone taking actual vitamins. Negative effects by stopping I mean.
*There are only a few vitamins and minerals that have meaningful effects on health, i.e. Vitamin D, Calcium, Iron (for people with anemia), etc. But for the vast majority of healthy, younger people everyday foods provide plenty of the necessary vitamins/minerals needed to function. There are no legitimate studies showing otherwise, and obviously the manufacturers of centrum and other vitamins misle the public to the tune of billions of dollars per year. But by all means keep taking them if they make you feel better ;-)

N: The supplement you are speaking of is not a vitamin but rather a component of joints that are actually somewhat effective for people suffering from arthritis. 

Disclaimer: I am a doctor.

For more please visit my health blog website... hahaha just kidding.
*N: You're.... RIGHT. I guess i should have used the term "supplements"; thought it was implied.
*SATINE: And yes there are tons of studies... Read for instance: fantastic voyage by Ray kurzweil. And maybe you used to be able to get the vitamins out of food but people don't eat as much as vitamins give. I take 2000 mg of vitamin c a daywhich equals around 42 oranges. The supplements and vitamins I take (and I take around 30 different pills a day at different times through out the day) give me more than I can eat in the veggies and meats I eat. We have the technology and have been studying nutrition for a while now. The bodybuilders don't just get that way from only eating or doing steroids. The healthy ones do research on the kinds of proteins, vitamins , minerals, amino acids your body needs at different times during the day at different stages of working out... It is a science and supplements have come a long way in 10 years. Also the FDA recommends a minimum vitamin amount to survive and if you take what they recommend you will barely feel a thing. Also check out the vitamin bible. ... And the kinds of vitamins you take depend on your genetics, ethnicity and what kinds if food you were raised on. All of these factors can change your bodies chemistry: because my mother is Asian her levels of iodine intake are higher than my dads who is Italian. There is a lot of iodine in seaweed and that can harm your thyroid. Joe had to take vitamin d supplements because he works when the sun is out and he's only been taking it for a few months and he can drastically feel the difference. I don't take it because I go I. The sun a lot. The fact u guys generalize vitamins shows your ignorance about them. A lot of people need certain ones to function at all. I stopped getting pains in my joints when taking glucosamine condtoitin msm complex.
When I stop taking it ifeel the difference In a couple days. I might not be a doctor but I've studied vitamins for the past 6 years and did find out that some vitamins when taken at the same time do negate one another... But they are few. I have a friend who can't process b12 and has to get b12 shots and without it it will cause neurological problems. Until she took b12 she couldn't even drive.
*D: And just because one is a doctor does not make one an expert. Unless your particular field of study is solely focused on vitamin and supplement intake, then maybe a more studious look into the way the body absorbs certain chemicals. Satine is correct in that certain variables that would allow different absorption rates of different chemicals. Diet, genetics, stress, immune deficiencies, and environmental factors will determine how some people metabolize their food, therefor affecting the absorption rate of certain nutrients. I can take cannabis and add alcohols to it and isolate the beneficial cannabinols, or THC, and make my own concentrates which are very beneficial for pain relief. In the same aspect, I can concentrate certain foods, through freeze drying and pulverization and provide myself with food in concentrated form and with more nutritional density. 
But one determining factor about the efficiency of supplements is the company or source that produces them. Greed is a determining factor into the quality and effectiveness of a supplement. Unless you are there in the production facility or privy to the companies formula, they could just be giving you mainly filler in some cases. That's is the reason why I get my supplements from trusted, proven sources, rather than from walmart or target.

R: My favorite Vitamin is Vitamin E because it rhymes with Bee, Tree, Flee, Key, Me, We, He, She, Gee, Dee, Free, and lets not forget Pee. When Mom wakes up were going to Wal Mart!

*SATINE: Danny.. You are so right. I noticed the brand quality when i was in Australia. The different companies are required there to list how pure their vitamin is and what it is mixed with... But that's a country where in the "rite aid" store they have a Pharmacy right next to the naturalist (herbs/herbal medicine). They have things there that Id never heard of.. like: marshmallow root that is used to cut herbal liquids like alcohol cuts them, but is sweeter and makes the medicine go down without spiking insulin levels.


You see.. It's not that I always have to be right, because i'm often not. But I'm very passionate about vitamins, minerals, supliments, eastern & western medicine. And I feel that once someone steps into my realm, be it facebook, twitter or this very website, it is my duty to let science speak for itself.


Moody AND Broody,

A very Satine Sunday Evening.