Favorite thing # 4: Interior Design

As you have all guessed Sex Food and Comic Books are my 3 favorite things, but I DO have other things I'm wildly interested in! Interior Design and Architecture! 

PURPOSE RESTORATION (http://purposerestoration.com). Their furniture makes my mouth water. If there's art on it, I will want it! This is functional art at its best. Owner and artist Jason Fox and artist Guy Ellis offer a unique product our of Los Angeles : Furniture restoration made and finished to be even more beautiful than when the piece was originally made. "Specializing in custom graphic designs and hardware, with an emphasis on sustainability, our philosophy is simple: why create when you can recreate? You call it art; we call it furniture destiny."

I can babble on about how beautiful their work is but why don't you just see for yourself.

old tv stand turned into a butcher block cart


Go to their website http://purposerestoration.com and see more of their designs or friend them on twitter or facebook.


~ S