Comic Review: Hellboy In Mexico


"Hellboy In Mexico" is just a freaking fun short story. There's not much to it or any character development and it's a quick read, but it doesn't matter at all. Four words sum up this red monkey issue: Mexican Wrestling Zombie Killers.

I know, almost to good to be true, but it totally is!! Our friends Hellboy and Abe Sapien are stuck in a Mexican desert awaiting their pick up from the agency. While seeking shelter from the sun and heat, Abe finds a picture of Hellboy and 3 Luchadors from 1956. This causes Big Red to go into a "by the campfire" style story about his run in with the treo and a bunch of undead. 

Mike Mignola's story isn't anything super deep or thought provoking, it's just plan fun as hell, and that's really all you need sometimes. Its a great self contained story that doesn't need any back story or history of the book. In fact this would have been a great Free Comic book Day book to get newcomers reading, but I guess Hellboy is the last book that needs advertising. 

The art by Richard Corben and Dave Stewart is just fantastic. Corben illustrations aren't photo real or always accurate but they don't need to be. In a industry of striving for perfection Corben's loose style is a breath of fresh air and brings a smile to my face. Stewarts's desaturated pallet adds a feeling of depth and shape to the pages, while making the reds really pop. They really do make a great team.

Definitely pick this book up this week if you just want to have fun with a book and not think to much about why, who, what ,when, and where.